Cameronians Piper Pewter Figurine


The Cameronian Regiment had one of the odder origins of any of the regiments of the British Army. They were formed from the armed Presbyterian followers of the militant preacher Richard Cameron. After the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the Earl of Angus converted this armed group into a new regiment. Reflecting their past, the new regiment had company Elders, rather than a regimental chaplain, and each recruit was given a bible as part of their kit. They also had the unique distinction of their tradition of bringing their weapons into church services, an echo of the troubled times of the Covenanters. In 1881 the regiment was merged with the Perthshire Light Infantry, to create the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Regiment. In 1968 the regiment disbanded, rather than be amalgamated into another. The regimental museum continues, in Hamilton, near Glasgow.

Stands 10.5cm tall and is cast from high quality 100% lead-free pewter. Presented on a base of polished wood