Each video below corresponds to the exercise number in the ABS Bagpipe Tutor Book. These should be used to aid the learning of the exercises, but remember that accuracy must always be the priority over the speed you play at. Start slow and build each exercise up with practice. 

All of the videos on this site are uploaded using the YouTube Platform, which embraces features allowing you to slow down videos, making it easier to play along with.

Read our step by step guide to slowing down YouTube videos here…

Section One

Exercise 1.1 – The Scale
Exercise 1.3 – Note Exercises
Exercise 1.4 – Note Exercises
Exercise 1.5 – Note Exercises
Exercise 1.6 – Note Exercises
Exercise 1.7 – The G Gracenote
Exercise 1.8 – Oh When the Saints
Exercise 1.9 – The D Gracenote
Exercise 1.10 – The E Gracenote
Exercise 1.11 – Triplets
Exercise 1.12 – Thumb Gracenotes
Exercise 1.13 – Throw on D Exercise (Light)
Exercise 1.13 – Throw on D Exercise (Heavy)
Exercise 1.14 – Throw on D Exercise (Light)
Exercise 1.14 – Throw on D Exercise (Heavy)
Scots Wha Hae – First Line
Scots Wha Hae – Second Line
Scots Wha Hae – Third Line
Scots Wha Hae – Fourth Line
Scots Wha Hae – Full Tune

Section 2

Below you will find the videos for section two of the book. These will be available very soon! Remember the lessons we have learned in section one, and as always, the emphasis is on the accuracy rather than the speed.

Exercise 2.1 – Strikes
Exercise 2.2 – Strikes
Exercise 2.3 – Gracenote Strikes
Exercise 2.4 – Gracenote Strikes
Exercise 2.5 – High A Doublings
Amazing Grace – First Line
Amazing Grace – Second Line
Amazing Grace – Third Line
Amazing Grace – Fourth Line
Amazing Grace – Full Tune
Exercise 2.6 – The E Doubling
Exercise 2.7 – The F Doubling
Flower of Scotland – Lines One and Two
Flower of Scotland – Lines Three and Four
Flower of Scotland – Full Tune
Exercise 2.8 – The High G Doubling