USA Shipping is Duty Free from Scotland

It’s a little known fact that ordering from Scotland to the USA is duty free for Bagpipe Supplies…

Since the days of the late President Ronald Regan, the importing of bagpipes and supplies to the United States of America from Scotland has been classed as duty free. This is in fact partly thanks to the Black Watch Pipe and Drums, who played at the White House in 1963.

Following the passing of the President, the Black Watch Pipes and Drums played at the Presidents funeral, and following that the US Senate passed a bill that meant the import of Bagpipes and Accessories would always be exempt from duty when imported to the United States.

What does that mean for imports?

When purchasing from Scotland, prices will not include VAT, so the prices you see on the Bagpipe Specialists website is the only price you pay. This means in most cases importing from Scotland will be cheaper than purchases made locally. All of our American orders are automatically sent DHL Express + for delivery in just a few days.

Want to see more? Have a look at the video below of the Black Watch Playing outside the White House in the presence of President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Joan Kennedy, and Patricia Kennedy Lawford amongst others.

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