Shepherd Tone Enhancers


one Enhancers were another innovation from RT Shepherd and Sons (Scotland) Ltd. Developed in partnership with Robert Mathieson, Pipe Major of House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead. In 2000, the original tone enhancer provided another solution to old problems of unsteady blowing, holding a constant tone in the drones and preventing excess moisture reaching the drone reeds.

Tone enhancers proved to be an immediate and outstanding success allowing players to maintain a tighter pipe bag with less air as the main escape route of the drones were now filled with the tone enhancer which regulated the air leaving the drone.

A zipper access bag is required for installation of tone enhancers. Tone enhancers provide the player with the following benefits:

  • Efficient Air Flow
  • Improved Tonal Stability
  • Easier to blow and maintain blowing
  • Sharper strikes
  • Sharper cut outs