R.G. Hardie Infinity Pipe Chanter


R.G. Hardie® Plastic Infinity Pipe Chanter

Designed in 2019 by Alastair Dunn, Double Gold Medalist and 10-time World Champion with Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band.

This chanter features smaller finger holes in comparison to our new Omega Pipe chanter. Larger holes provide more projection and a brighter sound however the size of the holes are not always comfortable for every piper. The Infinity and Omega chanters allow pipe corps to integrate and play at the same pitch.

The Infinity chanter has been extensively tested in a synthetic and leather pipe bag set-up with a range of reeds and produces a rich resonant tone that will provide superb harmonics with any set of drones. It provides optimum sound when pitched in the range 480hz to 484hz.

The R.G. Hardie Plastic Infinity pipe chanter comes complete with a reed protector and protective tube.

“A pipe chanter suitable for pipers of all abilities”