Piper Pattern Brogues


The last word in comfort - all you could want in a ‘marching brogue’. Designed to be as comfortable as possible for a long a time as possible, this is the world’s preferred pip-band brogue.

Full leather upper and lining with a microcellular sole. This shoe offers unsurpassed comfort. It utilises the latest technology including: micro-cellular rubber layering, full length high density padded insole, padded top-line for extra comfort and premium quality full leather upper. Full, long lases with leather tassels.

Gaelic Themes have led the way in footwear innovation and our Piper Brogues represent the Gold Standard for pipe bands worldwide.

Using only the finest materials in the construction of our shoes, our ranges are tailored to both the rental markets and competitive pipe band scene and are well proven for their comfort and longevity.