Cameron of Erracht Modern - Jura Heavyweight Kilt


Made to measure kilts require three different measurements: waist, seat and length. Mens kilts traditionally hang about mid knee, or top of the knee if it is a military style kilt.

Waist: Measure snugly around your waist at the height of your belly button.

Seat: Put your feet together and measure around the broadest part of the hips and bum.

Length: Kneel down, keeping your back straight, and measure from the belly button to the floor. UNLESS you are looking for a military style kilt, then (kneeling the same way) you measure from the belly button to the top of the knee. It is especially important to have second person to measure this because if you attempt to measure yourself, it is likely you will lean forward and accidentally alter the measurement.

Height: provide this in feet and inches.

Do not try to measure yourself, you need someone else to measure you

Please note, handmade kilts are not eligible for refunds, so please check your measurements.