Wallace Bagpipes Classic 4 Model - Wallace Pattern Ready to Ship!


We understand that price is becoming a deciding factor when customers are choosing bagpipes and this the reason why we believe we have a set of bagpipes to suit everyone’s budget.

As you can see from the attached photographs these pipes are made completely from the finest African Blackwood.

Classic 4 Bagpipe Features

  • Combed & Beaded African Blackwood
  • Imitation Ivory Projection Mounts
  • Beaded & Enclosed Engraved Nickel Ferrules
  • Beaded & Enclosed Engraved Nickel Caps
  • Engraved Nickel Slides

Want to customise your pipes even more? Why not get in touch today to discuss your options?

Fully Set Up
Sticks Only
Would you like your pipes fully set up, or sticks only?
Small Canmore Synthetic (+£75.00)
Medium Canmore Synthetic (+£75.00)
Large Canmore Synthetic (+£75.00)
Small Canmore Hybrid (+£100.00)
Extended Small Canmore Hybrid (+£100.00)
Medium Canmore Hybrid (+£100.00)
Extended Medium Canmore Hybrid (+£100.00)
Large Canmore Hybrid (+£100.00)
Begg Sheepskin (+£208.33)
Cameron Sheepskin (+£175.00)
Red (+£10.00)
Black (+£10.00)
Navy (+£10.00)
Gold (+£10.00)
Bottle Green (+£10.00)
Black (+£10.00)
Royal Stuart (+£10.00)
White (+£10.00)
Silver (+£10.00)
Choose the colour of your drone cords
Black with White Trim (+£40.00)
Navy with White Trim (+£40.00)
Green with White Trim (+£40.00)
Black with Red Trim (+£40.00)
Navy with Red Trim (+£40.00)
Green with Red Trim (+£40.00)
Black with Green Trim (+£40.00)
Navy with Green Trim (+£40.00)
Green with Green Trim (+£40.00)
Black with Silver Trim (+£40.00)
Navy with Silver Trim (+£40.00)
Green with Silver Trim (+£40.00)
Black with Gold Trim (+£40.00)
Navy with Gold Trim (+£40.00)
Green with Gold Trim (+£40.00)
Add a bag cover? All our covers include a zipper and non slip patch
Ezeedrone Standards (+£42.00)
Ezeedrone Increased Absorption (+£55.00)
Balance Tone Std (+£50.00)
Balance Tone High Resonance (+£60.00)
G1 Cane Drone Reeds (+£20.00)
MG White Mambas (+£67.00)
Add your own choice of Drone Reeds to complete your bagpipes
Piper Standard (+£58.00)
McCallum Professional (+£75.00)
McCallum Rucksack (+£38.00)
Piper Pro Black (+£75.00)
Piper Pro Navy (+£75.00)
Piper Pro Burgundy (+£75.00)
Add a Pipe Case to keep your Pipes protected.
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Grand total