Peter Henderson PH2HT Heritage Silver Bagpipes


In 2018 we celebrated 150 years of Peter Henderson Bagpipe making. To mark this historic occasion we created a unique set of Heritage Bagpipes paying tribute to the Henderson tradition.

This set of Peter Henderson Heritage Bagpipes is made from African Blackwood, instrument grade boxwood and hand engraved thistle silver. The projecting mount profile is based upon a 1910 set which are more refined in comparison to those of the 1920’s. The boxwood we have carefully selected is rated first grade and polishes to a high natural lustre providing a beautiful contrast to African Blackwood.

This is a beautifully crafted heirloom set to be treasured, played and passed onto the next generation.


  • Fully combed and beaded African Blackwood
  • Hand engraved thistle silver ferrules, slides, ring caps and mouthpiece slide
  • Boxwood projecting mounts and bushes

Peter Henderson Bagpipes are the most sought after instrument in the world. Their unique sound and tonal qualities ensure Pipers of all abilities aspire to own a set of Henderson bagpipes.

Our Blackwood bagpipes feature an innovative plastic lining system in the blowpipe and blowpipe stock which protects the inside of the wood from the stresses and strains caused by moisture. Each Set comes with it’s own unique number engraved on the bass stock and covered by our 5 year guarantee.

Price quoted is for sticks only and you can customise your order to suit, which will adjust the price accordingly.

Due to demand there is currently a 10 week lead time on this product.


Fully Set Up
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R.G. Hardie Plastic Infinity (+£91.66)
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Peter Henderson Plastic (+£91.66)
R.G. Hardie Blackwood Infinity
Peter Henderson Blackwood Infinity
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Cameron Sheepskin (+£175.00)
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Green with Red Trim (+£40.00)
Black with Green Trim (+£40.00)
Navy with Green Trim (+£40.00)
Green with Green Trim (+£40.00)
Black with Silver Trim (+£40.00)
Navy with Silver Trim (+£40.00)
Green with Silver Trim (+£40.00)
Black with Gold Trim (+£40.00)
Navy with Gold Trim (+£40.00)
Green with Gold Trim (+£40.00)
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Balance Tone High Resonance (+£60.00)
G1 Cane Drone Reeds (+£20.00)
MG White Mambas (+£67.00)
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Piper Standard (+£58.00)
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