Alba Rhythm - Building Blocks Level 3


Take your learning to the next level with Building Blocks - Level 3.

In level two you will continue with the fundamental rudiments to build your drumming vocabulary.
In this book you will work on the 6 fundamental elements of your drumming:


  • Technique
    • Finger Control
    • Exercises
  • Music Theory
    • Bars and Bar Lines
    • Time Signatures
    • Simple and Compound Metre
    • Types of Tune: Jig + Compound Time March
    • Counting Exercises: Jig + Compound Time March
  • New Rudiments + Exercises
    • 5’s and 6’s
    • 2 Stroke Ruffs
    • Swiss Triplets
  • Fundamental Rudiments
    • Paradiddle Variations
    • Roll Combinations
    • Joining Rolls
  • 2 Bar Phrases
    • Simple Time March
    • Compound Time March
    • Jig
    • Strathspey
    • Reel
  • Drum Scores
    • Massed Band Scores (2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8)
    • MAP Tunes
    • Jigs
    • Strathspeys
    • Reels



  • In the book you will find hints and tips to help you to execute the content to the best possible standard.


  • To ensure that you are continuing to develop and improve your execution, there are also ‘Tempo Targets’ to achieve as well as a handy progress record at the back of the book to keep track of how you are developing.


You can also purchase music theory worksheets from the Videos Page to help you to develop your music theory understanding.


As well as this you can also subscribe to our ‘Videos‘ page where you can learn the content as well as play along with the exercises to ensure that you are executing the content flawlessly