John Dew - The High Bridge Walk


‘The High Bridge Walk’: contemporary folk E.P. by John Dew. There are 2 solo pipe tracks, 1 multi-tracked bagpipe track and 2 multi tracked whistle tracks.


John Dew is a composer and arranger whose work is informed by Scotland’s musical traditions and folklore. His background in traditional music has influenced him to combine folk melodies and modes with classical idioms.

John’s music has been played by a number of artists such as UR: The Future of Our Past, Inveraray and District Pipe Band and The Glasgow Caledonian Fiddle Orchestra. His music has been performed at a variety of venues such as Perth Concert hall, The Glasgow Royal Concert hall, The CCA in Glasgow, Celtic Colours in Cape Breton.

As an arranger, John works closely with string ensembles of varied sizes. He works to accompany folk groups, such as SIMMITRI and Inveraray and District Pipe Band, as well as pop artists like Robbie Hutton and Blair Davie.

A film music enthusiast, John has composed music for three short films. In 2019, one of these films won three RTS awards for Best Drama and Best Sound Design. John continues to compose music for TV and FIlm.

John has a profound love of classical music and the life that idiom conjures. Bringing out the very heart of our Scottish roots through music can be magnified by enriching those traditions with a blend of classical timbres. He believes that subtly blending these two genres can release a powerful range of emotions within the human spirit and give a great sense of pride in our culture. This rarely explored cave holds a new found treasure of expressing Scottish traditions and can enrich our identity.