Evans PB SB1 Snare Drum Heads


The Evans Pipe Band Snare Batter was designed with Stephen Creighton of the St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band. It is the new standard in durability with extreme sensitivity and snare response. With these heads, snare drummers can push their equipment with confidence to achieve the bright tone and high pitch required for a championship winning corps.

PB-SB1A is designed to fit oversized 14” Pipe Band snare drums (Premier) PB-SB1B is designed to fit standard 14” Pipe Band snare drums (Andante, Pearl etc.)

  • Proprietary, high tensile fibers provide clear and articulate sound with unmatched durability.
  • Perfect for both solo and corps applications.
  • All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Available for both standard and oversized Pipe Band snare drums.